Frequently Asked Questions

We could get into the details of how our gates and patios are done, but we’re pretty sure you just want to know how we work.

First, you contact us for a free on-site assessment. This means we’ll visit your property, talk about your needs and give you a free quote for the project. At this point, we should also be able to give you an idea on the timeline for your project.

Then, we get back to our offices to design your project, order the materials and organise all that’s needed before we come back to you again.

When all is organised and confirmed with you, it’s building time. Each project is different and can take as little as a day or a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity.

Finally, the project is done and you get to enjoy your property seeing not only the value-added of what was built but also knowing it’s helping keep your property and belongings safe and secure.

Each project is different and can take as little as a day or a couple of weeks depending on the complexity. When we visit you for your free on-site assessment, we will be giving you an idea of the duration of the project and the dates of when we can expect to start the construction.

Absolutely not. No. Never.

All our manufacturing and installation is done in-house with employees who work exclusively under Steel Improvements WA. We might occasionally, depending on capacity constraints, hire an out-of-house designer to help out. Our manager and owner, Henrique (Rick) who has over 30+ years experience goes out to site and attends to the installs himself at times. This ensures that all installs are done with the highest level of craftsmanship, quality, accountability and integrity. Central tenets of us here at Steel Improvements WA.

No way, Jose! We don’t cut corners (pun intended). We manufacture in our local factory facility in Bibra Lake, WA. Where we can we stick only to 100% Australian made raw materials. 

We make sure all products going out of the factory are triple-checked and are assured of its full worthiness.

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